Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i6 July-August 1968

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
827-885The Transmission Distortion of a Source as a Function of the Encoding Block LengthPilc, R.J.
887-896Some Considerations of Stability in Lossy Varactor Harmonic GeneratorsDragone, C.; Prabhu, V.K.
897-932Computer-Aided Analysis of Cassegrain AntennasZucker, H.; Ierley, W.H.
933-955Precise 50 to 60 GHz Measurements on a Two-Mile Loop of Helix WaveguideWarters, W.D.; Young, D.T.
957-1000A Statistical Theory of Mobile-Radio ReceptionClarke, R.H.
1001-1018Some Transmission Characteristics of Bell System Toll ConnectionsNasell, I.
1019-1041Negative Impedance BoostingMeacham, L.A.
1043-1063Computation of FM Distortion in Linear Networks for Bandlimited Periodic SignalsRuthroff, Clyde L.
1065-1097Linear-Real Codes and CodersPierce, William H.
1099-1103Matrix Multiplication and Fast Fourier TransformsGentleman, W.Morven
1105-1129On a Class of Configuration and Coincidence ProblemsMelzak, Z.A.
1131-1138Data Transmission with FSK Permutation ModulationSchneider, H.L.
1139-1142Contributors to this Issue 
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