Bell System Technical Journal, v45: i7 September 1966

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
993-1043An Experimental 224 Mb/s Digital Repeatered LineDorros, I.; Sipress, J.M.; Waldhauer, F.D.
1045-1055Difference-Set Cyclic CodesWeldon, E.J. Jr.
1057-1070On the Number of Information Symbols in Difference-Set Cyclic CodesGraham, R.L.; MacWilliams, Jessie
1071-1096Simultaneously Orthogonal Expansion of Two Stationary Gaussian Processes- ExamplesKadota, T.T.
1097-1122Ideal MOS Curves for SiliconGoetzberger, A.
1123-1151Signal-to-Noise and Idle Channel Performance of Differential Pulse Code Modulation Systems - Particular Applications to Voice SignalsMcDonald, R.A.
1153-1155A Stability Criterion for Nonuniformly Sampled and Distributed Parameter SystemsKinariwala, B.K.; Gersho, A.
1157-1191Customer Evaluation of Telephone Circuits with DelayHelder, George K.
1193-1195Contributors to This Issue 
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