Bell System Technical Journal, v42: i2 March 1963

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
207-221The New L Multiplex - System Description and Design ObjectivesHallenbeck, F.J.; Mahoney, J.J. Jr.
223-278New Group and Supergroup Terminals for L MultiplexGraham, R.S.; Adams, W.E.; Powers, R.E.; Bies, F.R.
279-317Carrier Supplies for L-Type MultiplexAlbert, W.G.; Evans, J.B. Jr; Ginty, J.J.; Harley, J.B.
319-340A Phase-Locked Primary Frequency Supply for the L MultiplexClark, O.P.; Drazy, E.J.; Weller, D.C.
341-353Telephone Switching and the Early Bell Laboratories ComputersAndrews, E.G.
355-382On the Theory of Linear Multi-Loop Feedback SystemsSandberg, I.W.
383-397On Overflow Processes of Trunk Groups with Poisson Inputs and Exponential Service TimesDescloux, A.
399-414Solar Cell Degradation under 1-Mev Electron BombardmentRosenzweig, W.; Gummel, H.K.; Smits, F.M.
415-430A Further Discussion of Stimulated Emission of BremsstrahlungMarcuse, Dietrich
431-486Engineering of T1 Carrier System Repeatered LinesCravis, H.; Crater, T.V.
487-503Delay Distributions for One Line with Poisson Input, General Holding Times, and Various Orders of ServiceTakacs, L.
505-519A Single-Server Queue with FeedbackTakacs, L.
521-525Contributors to this Issue 
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