Bell System Technical Journal, v42: i1 January 1963

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-36A Method for Predicting Interchannel Modulation due to Multipath Propagation in FM and PM Tropospheric Radio SystemsBeach, C.D.; Trecker, J.M.
37-54A Wideband Transistor IF Amplifier for Space and Terrestrial Repeaters Using Grounded-Base Transformer-Coupled StagesBodtmann, W.F.; Ruthroff, C.L.
55-78Monitoring the Percussive Welding Process for Attaching Wires to TerminalsCoyne, J.C.
79-94A Theorem on the Distribution of Weights in a Systematic CodeMacWilliams, Jessie
95-129Surface Effects of Radiation on TransistorsPeck, D.S.; Blair, R.R.; Brown, W.L.; Smits, F.M.
131-153Development of Solderless Wire Connector for Splicing Multipair CableGraff, H.J.; Peacock, J.M.; Zalmans, J.J.
155-179The Fabry-Perot Electrooptic ModulatorGordon, E.I.; Rigden, J.D.
181-201Properties of Fast-Decay Cathode-Ray Tube PhosphorsPfahnl, Arnold
203-206Contributors to this Issue 
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