Bell System Technical Journal, v31: i5 September 1952

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
823-831Automatic Switching for Nationwide Telephone ServiceClark, A.B.; Osborne, H.S.
832-850Fundamental Plans for Toll Telephone PlantPilliod, J.J.
851-859Nationwide Numbering PlanNunn, W.H.
860-882Automatic Toll Switching SystemsShipley, F.F.
883-949Mathematical Theory of Laminated Transmission Lines - Part IMorgan, Samuel P., Jr.
950-975Electrical Noise in SemiconductorsMontgomery, H.C.
976-998Important Design Factors Influencing Reliability of RelaysFry, J.R.
999-1012Impedance Bridges for the Megacycle RangeWilhelm, H.T.
1013-1019Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal 
1020-1022Contributors to this Issue 
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