Bell System Technical Journal, v22: i3 October 1943

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
269-277Effect of Feedback on ImpedanceBlackman, R.B.
278-292Design of Two-Terminal Balancing NetworksVanWynen, K.G.
293-337Use of X-Rays for Determining the Orientation of Quartz CrystalsBond, W.L.; Armstrong, E.J.
338-361Raw Quartz, Its Imperfections and InspectionWillard, G.W.
362-392The New Statistical MechanicsDarrow, Karl K.
393-396Electromagnetic Waves: Review of S. A. Schelkunoff's BookLeCorbeiller, P.
397-401Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors 
402Contributors to this Issue 
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