Bell System Technical Journal, v19: i1 January 1940

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-39The Physical Basis of FerromagnetismBozorth, R.M.
40-62Contact Phenomena in Telephone Switching CircuitsCurtis, A.M.
63-73Effect of the Quadrature Component in Single Sideband TransmissionNyquist, H.; Pfleger, K.W.
74-93Low Temperature Coefficient Quartz CrystalsMason, W.P.
94-137A New Standard Volume Indicator and Reference LevelChinn, H.A.; Gannett, D.K.; Morris, R.M.
138-151Metallic Materials in the Telephone SystemSchumacher, Earle E.; Ellis, W.C.
152-155Technical Digests: An Interesting Application of Electron DiffractionGermer, L.H.; Storks, K.H.
156-158Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Authors 
159-160Contributors to this Issue 
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