Bell System Technical Journal, v18: i1 January 1939

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-31Electrostatic Electron-OpticsGray, Frank
32-48Equivalent Modulator CircuitsPeterson, E.; Hussey, L.W.
49-75An Improved Three-Channel Carrier Telephone SystemO'Leary, J.T.; Blessing, E.C.; Beyer, J.W.
76-118Crossbar Dial Telephone Switching SystemScudder, F.J.; Reynolds, J.N.
119-142A Twelve-Channel Carrier Telephone System for Open-Wire LinesKendall, B.W.; Affel, H.A.
143-189Recent Developments in the Measurement of Telegraph TransmissionShanck, R.B.; Cowan, F.A.; Cory, S.I.
190-217Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXXII, Particles of the Cosmic RaysDarrow, Karl K.
218-221Hurricane and Flood - September 1938Harrison, W.H.
222-234A Terrain Clearance IndicatorEspenschied, Lloyd; Newhouse, R.C.
235-245Transcontinental Telephone LinesPilliod, J.J.
246-250Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
251-254Contributors to this Issue 
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