Bell System Technical Journal, v17: i4 October 1938

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
489-519Ultra-Short-Wave Transmission and Atmospheric IrregularitiesEnglund, C.R.; Crawford, A.B.; Mumford, W.W.
520-538Amplitude Range ControlWright, S.B.
539-554Devices for Controlling Amplitude Characteristics of Telephonic SignalsNorwine, A.C.
555-573The Exponential Transmission LineBurrows, Charles R.
574-591The Bridge Stabilized OscillatorMeacham, L.A.
592-619Effect of Space Charge and Transit Time on the Shot Noise in DiodesRack, A.J.
620-639Fundamentals of Teletypewriters Used in the Bell SystemWatson, E.F.
640-669The Dielectric Properties of Insulating MaterialsMurphy, E.J.; Morgan, S.O.
670-672Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
673-674Contributors to this Issue 
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