Bell System Technical Journal, v7: i3 July 1928

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
375-403Precision Tool Making for the Manufacture of Telephone ApparatusKasley, J.H.; Hutchison, F.P.
404-419The Natural Period of Linear ConductorsEnglund, C.R.
420-437The Measurement of Capacitance in Terms of Resistance and FrequencyFerguson, J.G.; Bartlett, B.W.
438-534Distortion Correction in Electrical Circuits with Constant Resistance Recurrent NetworksZobel, Otto J.
535-563Transmission of InformationHartley, R.V.L.
564-629Carrier Systems on Long Distance Telephone LinesAffel, H.A.; Demarest, C.S.; Green, C.W.
630-635Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal 
636-637Contributors to this Issue 
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