Bell System Technical Journal, v6: i3 July 1927

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
375-386Measurement of Inductance by the Shielded Owen BridgeFerguson, J.G.
387-401Determination of Electrical Characteristics of Loaded Telegraph CablesGilbert, J.J.
402-424Automatic Printing Equipment for Long Loaded Submarine Telegraph CablesClokey, A.A.
425-441The Application of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers to Submarine Telegraph CablesCurtis, Austen M.
442-460Modulation in Vacuum Tubes Used As AmplifiersPeterson, Eugene; Evans, Herbert P.
461-494Application of the Theory of Probability To Telephone Trunking ProblemsMolina, Edward C.
495-545Propagation of Periodic Currents Over a System Of Parallel WiresCarson, John R.; Hoyt, Ray S.
546-548Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal 
549-550Contributors to this Issue 
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