Bell System Technical Journal, v2: i2 April 1923

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-40Impedance of Smooth Lines, and Design of Simulating NetworksHoyt, Ray S.
41-52Practical Application of Carrier Telephone and Telegraph in the Bell SystemRose, Arthur F.
53-89Machine Switching Telephone System for Large Metropolitan AreasCraft, E.B.; Morehouse, L.F.; Charlesworth, H.P.
90-112Relations of Carrier and Side-Bands in Radio TransmissionHartley, R.V.L.
113-142Public Address SystemsGreen, I.W.; Maxfield, J.P.
143-161Use of Public Address System with Telephone LinesMartin, W.H.; Clark, A.B.
162-163The Contributors to this issue 
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