Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i2 February 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
209-243Echo Performance of Toll Telephone Connections in the United StatesDuffy, F.P.; McNees, G.K.; Nasell, I.; Thatcher, T.W. Jr.
245-262Optical-Fiber Packaging and Its Influence on Fiber Straightness and LossGloge, D.
263-283Resonant-Grid Quasi-Optical DiplexersArnaud, J.A.; Pelow, F.A.
285-296An Optical-Frequency Pulse-Position-Modulation ExperimentHolden, W.S.
297-315An Algorithm for Determining the Endpoints of Isolated UtterancesRabiner, L.R.; Sambur, M.R.
317-334Analysis of Specially Doped Varactors for Direct Frequency TriplingAhamed, S.V.
335-368New Results From a Mathematical Study of an Adaptive QuantizerMitra, Debasis
369-406Cyclic Equalization--A New Rapidly Converging Equalization Technique for Synchronous Data CommunicationMueller, K.H.; Spaulding, D.A.
407-420Applications of Group Theory to Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
421-434Proving the Rearrangeability of Connecting Networks by Group CalculationsBenes, V.E.
435-450Some Effects of Measurement Errors on Rain Depolarization ExperimentsCox, D.C.
451-455Permanent Multiple Splices of Fused-Silica FibersDabby, F.W.
457-465Microbending Loss in Optical FibersGardner, W.B.
467-470Contributors to this Issue 
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