Bell System Technical Journal, v10: i2 April 1931

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
155-158Symposium on Coordination of Power and Telephone PlantPack, R.F.
159-183Trends in Telephone and Power Practise as Affecting CoordinationHarrison, W.H.; Silver, A.E.
184-205Status of Joint Development and Research on Noise Frequency InductionWills, H.L.; Blackwell, O.B.
206-230Status of Joint Development and Research on Low-Frequency InductionConwell, R.N.; Warren, H.S.
231-240Status of Cooperative Work on Joint Use of PolesMartin, J.C.; Huber, H.L.
241-242Symposium on Coordination of Power and Telephone Plant, Closing RemarksGherardi, B.
243-264Overseas Radio Extensions to Wire Telephone NetworksEspenschied, Lloyd; Wilson, William
265-272Some Optical Features in Two-Way TelevisionIves, Herbert E.
273-283Bayes' Theorem - An Expository PresentationMolina, Edward C.
284-341Extensions to the Theory and Design of Electric Wave-FiltersZobel, Otto J.
342-345Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources 
346-348Contributors to this Issue 
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