Bell System Technical Journal, v62: i9 November 1983

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2663-2694Calculation of Modes in an Optical Fiber Using the Finite Element Method and EISPACKLenahan, T.A.
2695-2717Measurements of 800-MHz Radio Transmission Into Buildings With Metallic WallsCox, D.C.; Murray, R.R.; Norris, A.W.
2719-2734Penetration of Radio Signals Into Buildings in the Cellular Radio EnvironmentWalker, E.H.
2735-2764Transmission Errors and Forward Error Correction in Embedded Differential Pulse Code ModulationGoodman, D.J.; Sundberg, C.E.
2765-2778CCITT Compatible Coding of Multilevel PicturesGharavi, H.; Netravali, A.N.
2779-2815The Queueing Network AnalyzerWhitt, W.
2817-2843Performance of the Queueing Network AnalyzerWhitt, W.
2845-2847Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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