Bell System Technical Journal, v62: i8 October 1983

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2479-2492High-Power Lasers and Optical Waveguides for Robotic Material-Processing ApplicationsLin, Chinlon; Beni, G.; Hackwood, S.; Bridges, T.J.
2493-2512Estimates of Path Loss and Radiated Power for UHF Mobile-Satellite SystemsReudink, D.O.
2513-2545Coding of Two-Level Pictures by Pattern Matching and SubstitutionJohnsen, O.; Segen, J.; Cash, G.L.
2547-2560Data-Transport Performance Analysis of FasnetHeyman, D.P.
2561-2580Forecasting With Adaptive Gradient Exponential SmoothingFeuer, A.
2581-2602Application of the Minimum-Weight Spanning-Tree Algorithm to Assignment of Communication FacilitiesStrakhov, N.A.
2603-2616Note on the Properties of a Vector Quantizer for LPC CoefficientsRabiner, L.R.; Sondhi, M.M.; Levinson, S.E.
2617-2646Upper Bounds on the Minimum Distance of Trellis CodesCalderbank, A.E.; Mazo, J.E.; Shapiro, H.M.
2647-2659Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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