Bell System Technical Journal, v62: i5 May-June 1983

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1181-1188A Long-Wavelength Optical Receiver Using a Short-Channel Si-MOSFETOgawa, K.; Owen, B.; Boll, H.J.
1189-1207Modal Analysis of Loss and Mode Mixing in Multimode Parabolic Index SplicesWhite, I.A.; Mettler, S.C.
1209-1231Experimental Results of 20-Mb/s FSK Digital Transmission on 4-GHz (TD) RadioWang, Y.Y.
1233-1250An Experimental Broadband Imaging FeedChu, T.S.; England, R.W.
1251-1271An M/G/1 Queue With a Hybrid DisciplineDoshi, B.T.
1273-1309Off-Line Quality Control in Integrated Circuit Fabrication Using Experimental DesignPhadke, M.S.; Kackar, R.N.; Speeney, D.V.; Grieco, M.J.
1311-1336The Effects of Selected Signal Processing Techniques on the Performance of a Filter-Bank-Based Isolated Word RecognizerDautrich, B.A.; Rabiner, L.R.; Martin, T.B.
1337-1340Contributors to this Issue 
1341-1347Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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