Bell System Technical Journal, v62: i3 March 1983

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
595-605Measurements of Selective Near-In Sidelobe Reduction of a Pyramidal, Horn-Reflector AntennaSemplak, R.A.
607-629An Experimental Study of Atmospheric Optical TransmissionKing, B.G.; Fitzgerald, P.J.; Stein, H.A.
631-638Star Network With Collision-Avoidance CircuitsAlbanese, A.
639-656Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior in the System H20-NaOH-Si02 And Its Relationship to the Hydrothermal Growth of QuartzKolb, E.D.; Key, P.L.; Laudise, R.A.; Simpson, E.E.
657-677Variable Rate ADPCM Based on Explicit Noise CodingJayant, N.S.
679-701Random Processes With Specified Spectral Density and First-Order Probability DensitySondhi, M.M.
703-715A Method to Characterize the Mechanical Properties of Undersea CablesChu, T.C.
717-742Performance of a Fast Algorithm for FIR System Identification Using Least-Squares AnalysisMarple, S.L. Jr.; Rabiner, L.R.
743-746Contributors to this Issue 
747-750Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
755-764Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Overview and ObjectivesStaehler, R.E.; Cochrane, J.I.
765-774Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: System DescriptionDeLessio, N.X.; Martellotto, N.A.
775-826Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Real-Time Architecture Utilizing the DMERT Operating SystemGill, R.J.; Kujawinski, G.J.; Stredde, E.H.
827-858Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Hardware ConfigurationClark, G.T.; Hilsinger, H.A.; Tendick, J.H.; Weber, R.A.
859-884Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Software Development SystemHack, T.G.; Huang, T.; Stecher, L.C.
885-905Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Integration and System TestingAhmari, R.; DiPietro, R.S.; Reed, S.C.; Williams, J.R.
907-918Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Retrofitting the ProcessorDalby, J.C. Jr.; Van Haften, D.; Weber, L.A.
919-939Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Capacity and Reliability EvaluationCrane, B.A.; Suk, D.S.
941-957Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Switching Control Center System InterfaceBodnar, J.J.; Daino, J.R.; VanderMeulen, K.A.
959-978Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Long-Range Planning ToolsBastien, P.L.; Wycherley, B.R.
979-983Acronyms and Abbreviations 
985-992Contributors to this Issue 
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