Bell System Technical Journal, v62: i2 February 1983

Table of Contents
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429-456Digital Communications Over Fading Radio ChannelsFoschini, G.J.; Salz, J.
457-462Chromatic Dispersion Measurements in Single-Mode Fibers Using Picosecond InGaAsP Injection Lasers in the 1.2- to 1.5-um Spectral RegionLin, C.; Tynes, A.R.; Tomita, A.; Liu, P.L.; Philen, D.L.
463-475High-Frequency Impedance of Proton-Bombarded Injection LasersHakki, B.W.; Holbrook, W.R.; Gaw, C.A.
477-498An Analysis of the Derivative Weight-Gain Signal From Measured Crystal Shape: Implications of Diameter Control of GaAsJordan, A.S.; Caruso, R.; VonNeida, A.R.
499-539Growth, Complexity, and Performance of Telephone Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
541-581Upper and Lower Bounds on Mean Throughput Rate and Mean Delay in Memory-Constrained Queueing NetworksArthurs, E.; Stuck, B.W.
583-586Contributors to this Issue 
587-591Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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