Bell System Technical Journal, v60: i9 November 1981

Table of Contents
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1997-2021Adaptive Cancellation of Intersymbol Interference for Data TransmissionGersho, A.; Lim, T.L.
2023-2038A Unified Theory of Data-Aided EqualizationMueller, M.S.; Salz, J.
2039-2063Adaptive Equalization and Phase Tracking for Simultaneous Analog/Digital Data TransmissionLim, T.L.; Mueller, M.S.
2065-2080High-Speed Measurement and Control of Fiber-Coating ConcentricitySmithgall, D.H.; Frazee, R.E.
2081-2105Simultaneous Transmission of Speech and Data Using Code-Breaking TechniquesSteele, R.; Vitello, D.
2107-2156Frequency Scaling of Speech Signals by Transform TechniquesMalah, D.; Flanagan, J.L.
2157-2165McDonald's Problem - An Example of Using Dijkstra's Programming MethodSharma, D.K.
2167-2185Spectral Properties and Band-Limiting Effects of Time-Compressed TV Signals in a Time-Compression Multiplexing SystemEng, K.Y.; Yue, O.C.
2187-2226Transmission CathodoluminescenceChin, A.K.; Temkin, H.; Mahajan, S.
2227-2233Detecting the Occurrence of an Event by FM Through NoiseBenes, V.E.
2235-2258Fault-Simulation Methods - Extensions and ComparisonLevendel, Y.H.; Menon, P.R.
2259-2271A Fault-Collapsing Analysis in Sequential Logic NetworksChang, S.J.; Breuer, M.A.
2273-2278Contributors to this Issue 
2279-2280Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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