Bell System Technical Journal, v60: i8 October 1981

Table of Contents
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1713-1725Transmission Studies of a Long Single-Mode Fiber - Measurements and Consideration for Bandwidth OptimizationCohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.; Stone, J.; Pearson, A.D.
1727-1743Electromagnetic Fields, Field Confinement, and Energy Flow in Dispersionless Single-Mode Lightguides With Graded-Index ProfilesPaek, U.C.; Peterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.
1745-1769Priority Queuing NetworksMorris, R.J.T.
1771-1786Efficient Realization Techniques for Network Flow PatternsChung, F.R.K.; Graham, R.L.; Hwang, F.K.
1787-1820Design and Optimization of Networks With Dynamic RoutingAsh, G.R.; Cardwell, R.H.; Murray, R.P.
1821-1845Servicing and Real-Time Control of Networks With Dynamic RoutingAsh, G.R.; Kafker, A.H.; Krishnan, K.R.
1847-1859Improving the Quality of a Noisy Speech SignalSondhi, M.M.; Schmidt, C.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
1861-1889Cutoff Calls and Telephone Equipment ReliabilityTortorella, M.
1891-1904A New Approach to High-Capacity Digital Mobile RadioHenry, P.S.; Glance, B.S.
1905-1925Least-Squares Algorithms for Adaptive EqualizersMueller, M.S.
1927-1940Numerical Integration of Stochastic Differential Equations - IIGreenside, H.S.; Helfand, E.
1941-1977Using Documentation as a Software Design MediumHester, S.D.; Parnas, D.L.; Utter, D.F.
1979-1983Minimizing the Worst-Case Distortion in Channel SplittingWitsenhausen, H.S.
1985-1991Contributors to this Issue 
1993Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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