Bell System Technical Journal, v60: i7 September 1981

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1235-1256Sampling From Structured Populations: Some Issues and AnswersNair, V.N.; Dalenius, T.E.
1257-1269A First-Come-First-Serve Bus-Allocation Scheme Using Ticket AssignmentsSharma, D.K.; Ahuja, S.R.
1271-1287Accurate Logic Simulation Models for TTL Totempole and MOS Gates and Tristate DevicesLevendel, Y.L.; Menon, P.R.; Miller, C.E.
1289-1312Special-Information-Tone Frequency DetectionFeuer, A.
1313-1334Effect of Echo Canceler on Common-Channel Interoffice Signaling Continuity CheckFang, G.S.
1335-1362Profile Characterization of Optical Fibers - A Comparative StudyPresby, H.M.
1363-1374Statistical Behavior of Crosstalk Power Sum With Dominant ComponentsLin, S.H.
1375-1388Current-Carrying Capacity of Fine-Line Printed ConductorsRainal, A.J.
1389-1409A Comparative Study of Several Dynamic Time-Warping Algorithms for Connected-Word RecognitionMyers, C.S.; Rabiner, L.R.
1411-1421A Comparison of Three Speech Coders to be Implemented on the Digital Signal ProcessorCox, R.V.
1423-1426Contributors to this Issue 
1427-1429Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1431-1439Digital Signal Processor: Overview: The Device, Support Facilities, and ApplicationsBoddie, J.R.
1441-1447Digital Signal Processor: An Overview of the Silicon Very- Large-Scale-Integration ImplementationBarber, F.E.; Bartoli, T.J.; Freyman, R.L.; Grant, J.A.; Kane, J.; Kershaw, R.N.
1449-1462Digital Signal Processor: Architecture and PerformanceBoddie, J.R.; Daryanani, G.T.; Eldumiati, I.I.; Gadenz, R.N.; Thompson, J.S.; Walters, S.M.
1463-1473Digital Signal Processor: Logic and Fault SimulationsEldumiati, I.I.; Gadenz, R.N.
1475-1481Digital Signal Processor: Software SimulatorAagesen, J.
1483-1497Digital Signal Processor: Design of the AssemblerSemmelman, C.L.
1499-1546Digital Signal Processor: A Tutorial Introduction to Digital FilteringAngelo, E.J. Jr.
1547-1561Digital Signal Processor: Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code-Modulation CodingBoddie, J.R.; Johnston, J.D.; McGonegal, C.A.; Upton, J.W.; Berkley, D.A.; Crochiere, R.E.; Flanagan, J.L.
1563-1572Digital Signal Processor: Private CommunicationsMcGonegal, C.A.; Berkley, D.A.; Jayant, N.S.
1573-1583Digital Signal Processor: Receiver for Touch-Tone ServiceBoddie, J.R.; Sachs, N.; Tow, J.
1585-1619Digital Signal Processor: Voice-Frequency Transmission Treatment for Special-Service Telephone CircuitsBlake, R.B.; Bolling, A.C.; Farah, R.L.
1621-1631Digital Signal Processor: Speech SynthesisBuric, M.R.; Kohut, J.; Olive, J.P.
1633-1653Digital Signal Processor: Sub-band CodingCrochiere, R.E.
1655-1671Digital Signal Processor: Tone GenerationFavin, D.L.
1673-1685Digital Signal Processor: Power MeasurementsFavin, D.L.; Yorkgitis, D.P.; Cordray, S.
1687-1698Digital Signal Processor: Tone Detection for CCITT No. 5 TransceiverGadenz, R.N.
1699-1701Acronyms and Abbreviations 
1703-1709Contributors to this Issue 
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