Bell System Technical Journal, v60: i6 July-August 1981

Table of Contents
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785-801Microwave Radio Obstruction FadingVigants, A.
803-822Prediction of Positive Refractivity Gradients for Line-of-Sight Microwave Radio PathsSchiavone, J.A.
823-857MULGA - An Interactive Symbolic Layout System for the Design of Integrated CircuitsWeste, N.H.E.
859-864The Effect of Optical Fiber Core and Cladding Diameter on the Loss Added by Packaging and Thermal CyclingGardner, W.B.; Nagel, S.R.; Schwartz, M.I.; DiMarcello, F.V.; Lovelace, C.R.; Brownlow, D.L.; Santana, M.R.; Sigety, E.V.
865-885Analysis of Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation Performance for Quadrature Amplitude ModulationAcampora, A.S.
887-891Characterization for Series-Parallel Channel GraphsChang, X.M.; Du, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.
893-911On the Effects of Varying Analysis Parameters on an LPC-Based Isolated Word RecognizerRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.; Ackenhusen, J.G.
913-921Three-Dimensional Radiation Characteristics of a Pyramidal Horn-Reflector AntennaButzien, P.E.
923-928Noise Caused by GaAs MESFETs in Optical ReceiversOgawa, K.
929-932T-Carrier Characterization Program - OverviewDavis, J.R.; Reilly, A.K.
933-964The Metropolitan Digital Truck PlantDavis, J.R.; Forman, L.E.; Nguyen, L.T.
965-1003T1 Carrier Characterization - Field-Measurement ResultsKaup, T.C.; Leeper, D.G.; Reilly, A.K.; Scheffler, P.E.
1005-1026Automated Measurement System for T1 CharacterizationErbrecht, G.F.; Gentry, J.H. Jr.; Kaup, T.C.; Schweizer, R.J.
1027-1033Contributors to this Issue 
1035-1038Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1041-1048No. 4 ESS: PrologueMartersteck, K.E.
1049-1081No. 4 ESS: Mass Announcement CapabilityFrank, R.J.; Keevers, R.J.; Strebendt, F.B.; Waninski, J.E.
1083-1108No. 4 ESS: Mass Announcement SubsystemAnderson, T.W.; Bobsin, J.H.; Cook, R.F.; Gingerich, L.; Marouf, M.A.; Milczarek, R.J.
1109-1129No. 4 ESS: Network Clock SynchronizationMetz, R.; Reible, E.L.; Winchell, D.F.
1131-1166No. 4 ESS: Digital InterfaceHoppner, K.M.; Mann, H.; Panyko, S.F.; VanZweden, J.
1167-1201No. 4 ESS: Evolution of Software StructureCarestia, P.D.; Hudson, F.S.
1203-1224No. 4 ESS: Performance Objectives and Service ExperienceDavis, E.A.; Giloth, P.K.
1225-1228Acronyms and Abbreviations 
1229-1232Contributors to this Issue 
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