Bell System Technical Journal, v60: i5 May-June 1981

Table of Contents
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583-598Dispersionless Single-Mode Lightguides With α Index ProfilePaeke, U.C.; Peterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.
599-641A Class of Closed Markovian Queuing Networks: Integral Representations, Asymptotic Expansions, and GeneralizationsMcKenna, J.; Mitra, D.; Ramakrishnan, K.G.
643-660Time-Frequency Multiplexing (TFM) of Two NTSC Color TV Signals - Simulation ResultsHaskell, B.G.
661-676Overflow Models for Dimension PBX Feature PackagesKaufman, L.; Seery, J.B.; Morrison, J.A.
677-696Impact of Forecast Uncertainty on Feeder-Cable SizingNoe, N.H.
697-705The Effects of Misclassification Error on the Estimation of Several Population ProportionsHealy, J.D.
707-717Adaptive Post-Filtering of ADPCM SpeechJayant, N.S.
719-737Variable Bandwidth Adaptive Delta ModulationSmith, J.O.; Allen, J.B.
739-766A Two-Pass Pattern-Recognition Approach to Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
767-773B.S.T.J. Brief: Fast Decryption Algorithm for the Knapsack Cryptographic SystemHenry, P.S.
775-778Contributors to this Issue 
779-782Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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