Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i6 July-August 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
805-827Congestion in Blocking Systems - A Simple Approximation TechniqueFredericks, A.A.
829-844Blocking Distributions for Trunk Network AdministrationNeal, S.R.
845-860Trunk Demand Servicing in the Presence of Measurement UncertaintySzelag, C.R.
861-879Frequency-Hopping, Multiple-Access, Phase-Shift-Keying System Performance in a Rayleigh Fading EnvironmentYue, O.
881-895Decision Criteria for Rehabilitation of the Distribution NetworkSethi, D.P.S.; Freedman, H.T.
897-929A Class of Data Traffic Processes - Covariance Function Characterization and Related Queuing ResultsHeffes, H.
931-953Relationships Between the Demand for Local Telephone Calls and Household CharacteristicsInfosino, W.J.
955-974Statistical Behavior of Multipair CrosstalkLin, S.H.
975-985(AL,GA)As Double-Heterostructure Lasers: Comparison of Devices Fabricated with Deep and Shallow Proton BombardmentDixon, R.W.; Joyce, W.B.
987-1007Microwave Depolarization of an Earth-Space PathChu, T.S.
1009-1060A Model for the Subjective Effects of Listener Echo on Telephone ConnectionsCavanaugh, J.R.; Hatch, R.W.; Neigh, J.L.
1061-1072Propagation Characteristics of Double-Mode FibersCohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.; Lin, C.; French, W.G.
1073-1077Contributors to this Issue 
1079-1082Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1083-1087B.S.T.J. Briefs: On Source Networks with Minimal Breakdown DegradationWitsenhausen, H.S.
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