Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i9 November 1978

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i-iiBell Laboratories Scientists Named 1978 Nobel Prize Laureates 
3097-3117Calculation of Steady-State Probabilities for Content of Buffer with Correlated InputsMassey, W.A.; Morrison, J.A.
3119-3165A Subjective Comparison of Selected Digital Codecs for SpeechDaumer, W.R.; Cavanaugh, J.R.
3167-3180A Loss Model for Parabolic-Profile Fiber SplicesMiller, C.M.; Mettler, S.C.
3181-3208Optimum Reception of Digital Data Signals in the Presence of Timing-Phase HitsFalconer, D.D.; Gitlin, R.D.
3209-3225Caustic Patterns Associated With Melt Zones in Solidified Glass Samples - Part I: Symmetric CasesDudderar, T.D.; Seery, J.B.; Simpkins, P.G.
3227-3251Caustic Patterns Associated With Melt Zones in Solidified Glass Samples - Part II: Asymmetric CasesSeery, J.B.; Dudderar, T.D.; Simpkins, P.G.
3253-3266Measurement of Echoes Due to Spurious TE0n Modes in a Long-Distance 60-mm Waveguide Communication SystemDoane, J.L.
3267-3276Dependence of Depolarization on Incident Polarization for 19-GHz Satellite SignalsArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.
3277-3307Signal Design for PAM Data Transmission to Minimize Excess BandwidthWyner, A.D.
3309-3316Sound Alerter Powered Over an Optical FiberDeLoach, B.C. Jr.; Miller, R.C.; Kaufman, S.
3317-3320Contributors to This Issue 
3321-3323Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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