Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i7 September 1978

Table of Contents
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2313-2317SG Undersea Cable System: Introduction and Development PlanEhrbar, R.D.; Ford, A.E.; Gerbier, G.
2319-2354SG Undersea Cable System: Requirements and PerformanceBrewer, S.T.; Easton, R.L.; Soulier, H.; Taylor, S.A.
2355-2403SG Undersea Cable System: Repeater and Equalizer Design and ManufactureAnderson, C.D.; Hower, W.E.; Kassig, J.J.; Krygowski, V.M.; Lynch, R.L.; Reinold, G.A.; Yeisley, P.A.
2405-2434SG Undersea Cable System: Semiconductor Devices and Passive ComponentsFox, W.M.; Yocom, W.H.; Munk, P.R.; Sartori, E.F.
2435-2469SG Undersea Cable System: Cable and Coupling DesignMorse, G.E.; Ayers, S.; Gleason, R.F.; Stauffer, J.R.
2471-2496SG Undersea Cable System: Terminal Transmission EquipmentBrouant, M.; Chalhoub, C.; Delage, P.; Harper, D.N.; Soulier, H.; Lynch, R.L.
2497-2522SG Undersea Cable System: Undersea System PowerCalkin, E.T.; Golioto, I.; Schatz, W.J.; Schroeder, R.E.; Shull, D.S.
2523-2546SG Undersea Cable System: Installation and Maintenance of the Undersea SystemCosier, J.E.H.; Davies, A.P.; Dawson, S.W. Jr.; Gleason, R.F.; Kirkland, F.E.; McKenzie, T.A.
2547-2564SG Undersea Cable System: Commissioning: Final System Alignment and EvaluationHarper, D.N.; Larson, B.O.; Laurette, M.
2565-2573Contributors of this Issue 
2575-2587An Approximation for the Variance of the UPCO Offered Load EstimateMesserli, E.J.
2589-2611Adaptive Equalization of Channel Nonlinearities in QAM Data Transmission SystemsFalconer, D.D.
2613-2631Spectral Sharing in Hybrid Spot and Area Coverage Satellite Systems via Channel Coding TechniquesAcampora, A.S.
2633-2661Reliability of a Microprocessor-Based Protection Switching SystemFang, G.S.
2663-2684Offset Multireflector Antennas with Perfect Pattern Symmetry and Polarization DiscriminationDragone, C.
2685-2693Radiation Patterns From Parallel, Optical Waveguide Directional Couplers - Parameter MeasurementsRamaswamy, V.; Standley, R.D.
2695-2726Speech Signal Power in the Switched Message NetworkAhern, W.C.; Duffy, F.P.; Maher, J.A.
2727-2763An Adaptive PCM System Designed for Noisy Channels and Digital ImplementationsMitra, Debasis; Gotz, B.
2765-2767Contributors to this Issue 
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