Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i6 July-August 1978

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1717-1721Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: OverviewJacobs, Ira
1723-1734Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Reproducibility of Optical Fibers Prepared by a Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition ProcessDiMarcello, F.V.; Williams, J.C.
1735-1744Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Preform Fabrication and Fiber Drawing by Western Electric Product Engineering Control CenterMyers, D.L.; Partus, F.P.
1745-1757Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Lightguide Cable Manufacture and PerformanceBuckler, M.J.; Santana, M.R.; Saunders, M.J.
1759-1769Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Optical Crosstalk Evaluation for Two End-to-End Lightguide System InstallationsBuckler, M.J.; Miller, C.M.
1771-1790Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Demountable Single-Fiber Optic Connectors and Their Measurement on LocationRunge, P.K.; Cheng, S.S.
1791-1807Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Planar Epitaxial Silicon Avalanche PhotodiodeMelchior, H.; Hartman, A.R.; Schinke, D.P.; Seidel, T.E.
1809-1822Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Optical Detector PackageSmith, R.G.; Brackett, C.A.; Reinbold, H.W.
1823-1836Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: GaAIAs Laser Transmitter for Lightwave Transmission SystemsShumate, P.W. Jr.; Chen, F.S.; Dorman, P.W.
1837-1856Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Practical 45-Mb/s Regenerator for Lightwave TransmissionMaione, T.L.; Sell, D.D.; Wolaver, D.H.
1857-1879Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Results of the Atlanta ExperimentKerdock, R.S.; Wolaver, D.H.
1881-1888Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: The Chicago Lightwave Communications ProjectSchwartz, M.I.; Reenstra, W.A.; Mullins, J.H.; Cook, J.S.
1889-1895Contributors to this Issue 
1897-1898UNIX Time-Sharing System: PrefaceCrowley, T.H.
1899-1904UNIX Time-Sharing System: ForwardMcIlroy, M.D.; Pinson, E.N.; Tague, B.A.
1905-1929The UNIX Time-Sharing SystemRitchie, D.M.; Thompson, K.
1931-1946UNIX Time-Sharing System: UNIX ImplementationThompson, K.
1947-1969UNIX Time-Sharing System: A RetrospectiveRitchie, D.M.
1971-1990UNIX Time-Sharing System: The UNIX ShellBourne, S.R.
1991-2019UNIX Time-Sharing System: The C Programming LanguageRitchie, D.M.; Johnson, S.C.; Lesk, M.E.; Kernighan, B.W.
2021-2048UNIX Time-Sharing System: Portability of C Programs and the UNIX SystemJohnson, S.C.; Ritchie, D.M.
2049-2086UNIX Time-Sharing System: The MERT Operating SystemLycklama, H.; Bayer, D.L.
2087-2101UNIX Time-Sharing System: UNIX on a MicroprocessorLycklama, H.
2103-2113UNIX Time-Sharing System: A Minicomputer Satellite Processor SystemLycklama, H.; Christensen, C.
2115-2135UNIX Time-Sharing System: Document PreparationKernighan, B.W.; Lesk, M.E.; Ossanna, J.F. Jr.
2137-2154UNIX Time-Sharing System: Statistical Text ProcessingMcMahon, L.E.; Cherry, L.L.; Morris, R.
2155-2175UNIX Time-Sharing System: Language Development ToolsJohnson, S.C.; Lesk, M.E.
2177-2200UNIX Time-Sharing System: The Programmer's WorkbenchDolotta, T.A.; Haight, R.C.; Mashey, J.R.
2201-2207UNIX Time-Sharing System: The UNIX Operating System as a Base for ApplicationsLuderer, G.W.R.; Maranzano, J.F.; Tague, B.A.
2209-2232UNIX Time-Sharing System: Microcomputer Control of Apparatus, Machinery, and ExperimentsWonsiewicz, B.C.; Storm, A.R.; Sieber, J.D.
2233-2249UNIX Time-Sharing System: Circuit Design AidsFraser, A.G.
2251-2263UNIX Time-Sharing System: A Support Environment for MAC-8 SystemsRovegno, H.D.
2265-2274UNIX Time-Sharing System: No. 4 ESS Diagnostic EnvironmentPekarich, S.P.
2275-2287UNIX Time-Sharing System: RBCS/RCMAS - Converting to the MERT Operating SystemNagelberg, E.R.; Pilla, M.A.
2289-2304UNIX Time-Sharing System: The Network Operations Center SystemCohen, H.; Kaufeld, J.C. Jr.
2305-2312Contributors to this Issue 
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