Bell System Technical Journal, v53: i9 November 1974

Table of Contents
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1681-1721Source Coding for a Simple NetworkGray, R.M.; Wyner, A.D.
1723-1739Interfacial Dopants for Dual-Dielectric, Charge-Storage CellsKahng, D.; Sundburg, W.J.; Boulin, D.M.; Ligenza, J.R.
1741-1770Bias-Temperature-Stress Studies of Change Retention in Dual-Dielectric, Charge-Storage CellsThornber, K.K.; Kahng, D.; Neppell, C.T.
1771-1793Input Amplifiers for Optical PCM ReceiversGoell, J.E.
1795-1815Reduction of Multimode Pulse Dispersion by Intentional Mode CouplingMarcuse, D.
1817-1837Outage of the L4 System and the Geomagnetic Disturbances of 4 August 1972Anderson, C.W.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; MacLennan, C.G.
1839-1843New Frontiers of Varactor Harmonic Power Generation in the C-BandAhamed, S.V.; Irvin, J.C.
1845-1892The Use of Negative-Impedance Units Inserted Uniformly Into a Transmission Line Reduce AttenuationManley, J.M.
1893-1896Contributors to this Issue 
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