Bell System Technical Journal, v53: i8 October 1974

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1431-1449LAMP: System DescriptionChang, H.Y.; Smith, G.W. Jr.; Walford, R.B.
1451-1476LAMP: Logic-Circuit SimulatorsChappell, S.G.; Elmendorf, C.H.; Schmidt, L.D.
1477-1503LAMP: Automatic Test Generation for Asynchronous Digital CircuitsChappell, S.G.
1505-1534LAMP: Controllability, Observability, and Maintenance Engineering Technique (COMET)Chang, H.Y.; Heimbigner, G.W.
1535-1555LAMP: Application to Switching-System DevelopmentButler, T.T.; Hallin, T.G.; Kulzer, J.J.; Johnson, K.W.
1557-1579Rain-Induced Cross-Polarization at Centimeter and Millimeter WavelengthsChu, T.S.
1581-1597Design Considerations for a Two-Phase, Buried-Channel, Charge-Coupled DeviceMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.; Walden, R.H.
1599-1618Pulse Spreading in Multimode, Planar, Optical FibersArnaud, J.A.
1619-1641Theory of The Single-Material FiberMarcuse, D.
1643-1656Theory of the Single-Material, Helicoidal FiberArnaud, J.A.
1657-1665A Proposed Multiple-Beam Microwave Antenna For Earth Stations and SatellitesOhm, E.A.
1667-1676Limiting the Propagation of Errors in One-Bit Differential CODECsCandy, J.C.
1677-1680Contributors to this Issue 
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