Bell System Technical Journal, v53: i7 September 1974

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1187-1210Spurious Parametric Oscillations in IMPATT Diode CircuitsSchroeder, W.E.
1211-1262Theory of Noise in Charge-Transfer DevicesThornber, K.K.
1263-1320A Statistical Analysis of Telephone NoiseStuck, B.W.; Kleiner, B.
1321-1328Low-Noise, Integrated, Millimeter-Wave ReceiverGlance, B.; Snell, W.W. Jr.
1329-1349Rain Attenuation on Short Radio Paths: Theory, Experiment, and DesignBodtmann, W.F.; Ruthroff, C.L.
1351-1377An Improved Antenna for Microwave Radio Systems Consisting of Two Cylindrical Reflectors and a Corrugated HornDragone, C.
1379-1394Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part III: Bending LossesArnaud, J.A.
1395-1402Optimum Refractive-Index Difference for Graded-Index Fibers Resulting From Concentration-Fluctuation ScatteringOstermayer, F.W. Jr.; Pinnow, D.A.
1403-1426Application of Response-Bound Method in Shock and Vibration Analysis of Telephone StructuresLiu, S.C.
1427-1429Contributors to this Issue 
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