Bell System Technical Journal, v53: i5 May-June 1974

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
745-778Capacity of the Gaussian Channel with Memory: The Multivariate CaseBrandenburg, L.H.; Wyner, A.D.
779-784Experimental Results on a Single-Material Optical FiberStandley, R.D.; Holden, W.S.
785-800Optimal Trade-Off of Mode-Mixing Optical Filtering and Index Difference in Digital Fiber Optic Communication SystemsPersonick, S.D.
801-826A Map Technique for Identifying Variables of SymmetryGoodrich, L.M.
827-845Finite-Element Method for the Determination of Thermal Stresses in Anisotropic Solids of RevolutionKaufman, S.
847-865Mean-Squared-Error Equalization Using Manually Adjusted EqualizersCho, Y.S.
867-898Mathematical Analysis of an Adaptive QuantizerMitra, Debasis
899-935Spectra of Digital Phase Modulation by Matrix MethodsPrabhu, V.K.; Rowe, H.E.
937-946On the Correlation Between Bit Sequences in Consecutive Delta Modulations of a Speech SignalJayant, N.S.
947-949Contributors to this Issue 
951-954B.S.T.J. Briefs: Optical Waveguides with Very Low LossesFrench, W.G.; MacChesney, J.B.; O`Connor, P.B.; Tasker, G.W.
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