Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i9 November 1971

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2857-2878Power Spectra of Multilevel Digital Phase-Modulated SignalsGlance, B.
2879-2916A Microwave Feed-Forward ExperimentSeidel, H.
2917-2945An Experimental MM-Wave Path Length ModulatorClemetson, W.J.; Kenyon, N.D.; Kurokawa, K.; Owen, B.; Schlosser, W.O.
2947-2978Traffic Analysis of a Ring Switched Data Transmission SystemHayes, J.F.; Sherman, D.N.
2979-2995Analysis and Design of Elementary Blinders for Large Horn Reflector AntennasThomas, David T.
2997-3062Transient Effect in Telephone Switching Circuits When Relay Windings are DisconnectedWagar, H.N.
3063-3069Restoring the Orthogonality of Two Polarizations in Radio Communication Systems, IChu, T.S.
3071-3073Contributors to this Issue 
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