Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i8 October 1971

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2495-2519On the Addressing Problem for Loop SwitchingGraham, R.L.; Pollak, H.O.
2521-2549Heavy Traffic Characteristics of a Circular Data NetworkAvi Itzhak, B.
2551-2563Bending Losses of the Asymmetric Slab WaveguideMarcuse, D.
2565-2583Attenuation of Unwanted Cladding ModesMarcuse, D.
2585-2598Improved Intersymbol Interference Error Bounds in Digital SystemsYeh, Y.S.; Ho, E.Y.
2599-2606Dual Frequency Measurements of Rain Induced Microwave Attenuation on a 2.6-Kilometer Propagation PathSemplak, R.A.
2607-2645Optical Modulation at High Information RatesWhite, Gerard
2647-2662Analysis of Dependence Effects in Telephone Trunking NetworksHoltzman, J.M.
2663-2739A Laboratory System for Measuring Loudness Loss of Telephone ConnectionsSullivan, J.L.
2741-2777The Transmission Performance of Bell System Toll Connecting TrunksKessler, J.E.
2779-2795An Adaptive Echo Canceller in a Nonideal Environment (Nonlinear or Time Variant)Thomas, E.J.
2797-2805Some Considerations on the Application of the Volterra Representation or Nonlinear Networks to Adaptive Echo CancellersThomas, E.J.
2807-2834Some Comparisons of Load and Loss Data with Current Teletraffic TheoryWilkinson, R.I.
2835-2847When Are Transistors Passive?Gopinath, B.; Mitra, D.
2849-2852A Fast Amplitude Approximation For Quadrature PairsRobertson, G.H.
2853-2856Contributors to this Issue 
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