Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i6 July-August 1971

Table of Contents
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1701-1719Mathematical Models of Computation Using Magnetic Bubble InteractionsFriedman, A.D.; Menon, P.R.
1721-1740A Nonlinear Diffusion Analysis of Charge-Coupled-Device TransferStrain, R.J.; Schryer, N.L.
1741-1759Linearized Dispersion Relation and Green's Function for Discrete-Charge-Transfer Devices with Incomplete TransferJoyce, W.B.; Bertram, W.J.
1761-1789Micromachining and Image Recording on Thin Films by Laser BeamsMaydan, D.
1791-1816The Coupling of Degenerate Modes in Two Parallel Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
1817-1831Crosstalk Caused by Scattering in Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
1833-1857Dynamic Channel Assignment in High-Capacity Mobile Communications SystemsCox, D.C.; Reudink, D.O.
1859-1876Antenna Spacing Requirement for a Mobile Radio Base-Station DiversityLee, W.C.Y.
1877-1888A Simple Interframe Coder for Video TelephonyLimb, J.O.; Pease, R.F.W.
1889-1917Transmitting Television as Clusters of Frame-to-Frame DifferencesCandy, J.C.; Franke, Mrs. M.A.; Haskell, B.G.; Mounts, F.W.
1919-1931Low-Loss Microstrip Filters Developed by Frequency ScalingSnell, W.W. Jr.
1933-1942A Scaled Hybrid Integrated Multiplier from 10 to 30 GHzSchneider, M.V.; Snell, W.W. Jr.
1943-1967Some Analytical Investigations of Phase Contrast ImagingNagel, C.M. Jr.
1969-2014A New Equalizer Structure for Fast Start-Up Digital CommunicationsChang, Robert W.
2015-2037Combining Correlated Streams of Nonrandom TrafficNeal, Scotty
2039-2053Phase and Amplitude Variations in Multipath Fading of Microwave SignalsBullington, K.
2055-2077The Computation of Error Probability for Digital TransmissionHill, F.S. Jr.
2079-2083Contributors to this Issue 
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