Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i5 May-June 1971

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1503-1524Stability of Frequency Feedback Receivers Under Steps in Input FrequencyBenes, V.E.
1525-1540Some Computer Experiments in Picture Processing for Bandwidth ReductionLandau, H. J.; Slepian, D.
1541-1558Computer Synthesis of Speech by Concatenation of Formant-Coded WordsRabiner, L.R.; Shafer, R.W.; Flanagan, J.L.
1559-1578Listener Evaluation of Stimulated Telephone Calling SignalsBricker, P.D.
1579-1600On a Class of Rearrangeable Switching Networks - Part I: Control AlgorithmOpferman, D.C.; Tsao-Wu, N.T.
1601-1618On a Class of Rearrangeable Switching Networks - Part II: Enumeration Studies and Fault DiagnosisOpferman, D.C.; Tsao-Wu, N.T.
1619-1630A Full-Duplex Echo Suppressor Using Center-ClippingMracek Mitchell, O.M.; Berkley, David A.
1631-1638Low-Loss Modes in Dielectric Lined WaveguideCarlin, J.W.; D'Agostino, P.
1639-1643A Relation for the Loss Characteristics of Circular Electric and Magnetic Modes in Dielectric Lined WaveguideCarlin, J.W.
1645-1669Timing Recovery in PAM SystemsGitlin, R.D.; Salz, J.
1671-1689Optimum Equalization and the Effect of Timing and Carrier Phase on Synchronous Data SystemsHo, E.Y.
1691-1694Contributors to this Issue 
1695-1699B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Low-Noise Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) Microwave OscillatorColeman, D.J. Jr.; Sze, S.M.
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