Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i4 April 1971

Table of Contents
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1099-1103Statistical Circuit Design: History and IntroductionDickieson, A.C.; Chernak, J.
1105-1147Statistical Circuit Design: Characterization and Modeling for Statistical DesignLogan, John
1149-1171Statistical Circuit Design: Linear Circuits and Statistical DesignSemmelman, C.L.; Walsh, E.D.; Daryanani, G.T.
1173-1195Statistical Circuit Design: Nonlinear Circuits and Statistical DesignCermak, I.A.; Kirby, Mrs. D.B.
1197-1208Statistical Circuit Design: Confirmation of Design Using Computer-Controlled Test SetsHaynie, G.D.; Yang, S.
1209-1224Statistical Circuit Design: Large Change Sensitivities for Statistical DesignsButler, E.M.
1225-1242Statistical Circuit Design: The Optimum Assignment of Component Tolerances for Electrical NetworksKarafin, B.J.
1243-1262Statistical Circuit Design: A Case Study of the Use of Computer Aids in Circuit Design - Pulse Equalizers for the T2 Digital Transmission LineO'Neill, L.A.
1263-1291Statistical Circuit Design: A Monte Carlo Tolerance Analysis of the Integrated, Single-Substrate, RC, Touch-Tone OscillatorBalaban, P.; Karafin, B.J.; Snyder, Mrs. D.B.
1293-1310Statistical Circuit Design: The Application of Monte Carlo Techniques to the Study of Impairments in the Waveguide Transmission SystemOlsen, R.G.
1311-13471969-70 Connection Survey: Analog Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkDuffy, F.P.; Thatcher, T.W. Jr.
1349-13841969-70 Connection Survey: High-Speed Voiceband Data Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkBalkovic, M.D.; Klancer, H.W.; Klare, S.W.; McGruther, W.G.
1385-14051969-70 Connection Survey: Low-Speed Data Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkFleming, H.C.; Hutchinson, R.M. Jr.
1407-1420Maximum Power Transmission Between Two Reflector Antennas in the Fresnel ZoneChu, T.S.
1421-1426A Digital Approach to Adaptive Delta ModulationGoodman, David J.
1427-1454Statistical Techniques for Talker IdentificationBricker, P.D.; Gnanadesikan, R.; Mathews, M.V.; Pruzansky, Miss S.; Tukey, P.A.; Wachter, K.W.; Warner, J.L.
1455-1485Estimated Outage in Long-Haul Radio Relay Systems with Protection SwitchingChen, W.Y.S.
1487-1494Some Extensions of the Innovations TheoremKailath, Thomas
1495-1502Contributors to this Issue 
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