Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i3 March 1971

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
711-724The Energy and General Translation Force of Cylindrical Magnetic DomainsThiele, A.A.; Bobeck, A.H.; Della Torre, E.; Gianola, U.F.
725-773Device Implications of the Theory of Cylindrical Magnetic DomainsThiele, A.A.
775-784Spreading Resistance Between Constant Potential SurfacesBrooks, R.D.; Mattes, H.G.
785-813Performance of an Adaptive Echo Canceller Operating in a Noisy, Linear, Time-Invariant EnvironmentRosenberger, J.R.; Thomas, E.J.
815-841Number and Duration of Fades at 6 and 4 GHzVigants, Arvids
843-859Time Dispersion in Dielectric WaveguidesPersonick, S.D.
861-868Anisotropic Scattering Due to Rain at Radio-Relay FrequenciesSetzer, David E.
869-880Channel Spacing and Necessary Bandwidth in FDM-FM SystemsLundquist, Leif
881-915Short-Term Frequency Stability of Precision Oscillators and Frequency GeneratorsBarber, Raymond E.
917-932On the Design and Analysis of a Class of PCM SystemsHeffes, H.; Horing, S.; Jagerman, D.L.
933-949Digital Phase DemodulatorGlance, Bernard
951-981Self-Synchronizing Sequential Coding with Low RedundancyNeumann, Peter G.
983-1016Theory for Some Asynchronous Time-Division SwitchesMazo, J.E.
1017-1023Error Probability of a Multilevel Digital System with Intersymbol Interference and Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Yeh, Y.S.
1025-1047Spectral Density of a Nonlinear Function of a Gaussian ProcessNeal, Scotty
1049-1061Television Coding Using Two-Dimensional Spatial PredictionConnor, D.J.; Pease, R.F.W.; Scholes, W.G.
1063-1081On the Control of Linear Multiple Input-Output SystemsGopinath, B.
1083-1088Contributors to this Issue 
1089-1093B.S.T.J. Briefs: HILO - An Improved Transmission Scheme for Semiconductor Switching NetworksLaane, R.R.
1094-1098B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Telephone Traffic Model Based on Randomly Closing Crosspoints, and its Relationships to Other ModelsBenes, V.E.
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