Bell System Technical Journal, v50: i1 January 1971

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-21A Method for Measurement of the Duration of Picosecond Pulses by Beat Frequency Detection of Laser OutputHubbard, W.M.
23-42Measured Attenuation and Depolarization of Light Transmitted Along Glass FibersCohen, L.G.
43-57Excitation of Waveguides for Integrated Optics with Laser BeamsMarcuse, D.; Marcatili, E.A.J.
59-79Rain Outage Performance of Tandem and Path Diversity 18-GHz Short Hop Radio SystemsOsborne, T.L.
81-102Model for Computation of Interference to Radio-Relay Systems From Geostationary SatellitesMay, A.S.; Pagones, M.J.
103-114Measurements of Atmospheric Attenuation on an Earth-Space Path at 90 GHz Using a Sun TrackerWrixon, G.T.
115-134Effects of Transmission Delay on Conversational Behavior on Echo-Free Telephone CircuitsBrady, Paul T.
135-165Inherent Load-Balancing in Step-by-Step Switching SystemsBuchner, M.M. Jr.; Neal, S.R.
167-189New Results on Avalanche Multiplication Statistics with Applications to Optical DetectionPersonick, S.D.
191-200Exchange of Spatial and Temporal Resolution in Television CodingPease, R.F.W.; Limb, J.O.
201-207On Benes Rearrangeable NetworksHwang, F.K.
209-211Contributors to this Issue 
213-216B.S.T.J. Briefs: An Image Band Interpretation of Optical Heterodyne NoisePersonick, S.D.
217Erratum: BSTJ v49n7, page 1291 
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