Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i10 December 1968

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2075-2093Mental Holography: Stereograms Portraying Ambiguously Perceivable SurfacesJulesz, Bela; Johnson, Stephen C.
2095-2109The Capacity of Multiple Beam Waveguides and Optical Delay LinesGloge, D.; Weiner, D.
2111-2137A Model of a Domestic Satellite Communication SystemTillotson, Leroy C.
2139-2144Path Length Variation in a Synchronous Satellite Communications LinkLubowe, Anthony G.
2145-2168Parametric Representation of Ground Antennas for Communication Systems StudiesPope, D.L.
2169-2181Radiating Properties of Dielectric Covered AperturesNagelburg, Elliott R.
2183-2205A New Reference Frequency Standard for the L Multiplex SystemKester, W.A.
2207-2237Analysis and Synthesis of a Digital Phase-Locked Loop for FM DemodulationPasternack, G.; Whalin, R.L.
2239-2258First and Second Passage Times of Sine Wave Plus NoiseRainal, A.J.
2259-2272The Spectrum of a Simple Nonlinear SystemLiu, S.C.
2273-2298Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Simulation of Ground-Motion DataLiu, S.C.
2299-2337Reliable Information Storage in Memories Designed from Unreliable ComponentsTaylor, Michael G.
2339-2366Reliable Computation in Computing Systems Designed from Unreliable ComponentsTaylor, Michael G.
2367-2378A Self-Healing ControlBriley, Bruce E.
2379-2433Efficient Spacing of Synchronous Communication SatellitesRowe, Harrison E.; Penzias, Arno A.
2435-2438Contributors to this Issue 
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