Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i9 November 1968

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1827-1854Influence of Bulk and Surface Properties on Image Sensing Silicon Diode ArraysBuck, T.M.; Casey, H.C. Jr.; Dalton, J.V.; Yamin, M.
1855-1873A Charge Storage Target for Electron Image SensingGordon, Eugene I.; Crowell, Mweron H.
1875-1882Hologram Heterodyne ScannersEnloe, L.H.; Jakes, W.C. Jr.; Rubinstein, C.B.
1883-1902Analysis of Thermal and Shot Noise in Pumped Resistive DiodesDragone, Corrado
1903-1932The Analysis of Circular Waveguide Phased ArraysAmitay, N.; Galindo, Victor
1933-1956The Effects of Strain on Electromagnetic Modes of Anisotropic Dielectric Waveguides at p-n JunctionsMcKenna, James; Morrison, J.A.
1957-1970A State Variable Method of Circuit Analysis Based on a Nodal ApproachParkin, R.E.
1971-2013Uniform Asymptotic Expansions for Saddle Point Integrals - Application to a Probability Distribution Occurring in Noise TheoryRice, Stephen O.
2015-2027Gain Control for Diversity ReceiversRappaport, Stephen S.
2029-2050Multimoding and its Suppression in Twisted Ring CountersBleickardt, W.
2051-2070Synthesis of Rational Transfer Function Approximations Using a Tapped Distributed RC Line with FeedbackSpaulding, David A.
2071-2074Contributors to this Issue 
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