Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i8 October 1968

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1539-1559Step Stress Aging of Plated Wire MemoriesDanylchuk, I.; Gianola, U.F.; Sibilia, J.T.
1561-1613The Transmission Performance of Bell System Intertoll TrunksNasell, I.; Ellison, C.R. Jr.; Holmstrom, R.
1615-1636Effects Associated with the Thermal Response of the T1 Telephone TransmitterFritsch, C.A.
1637-1651Gain of Antennas with Random Surface DeviationsZucker, H.
1653-1661Injection-Locked-Oscillator FM Receiver AnalysisRuthroff, C.L.
1663-1686Hybrid Digital Transmission Systems Part I: Joint Optimization of Analog and Digital RepeatersChang, Robert W.; Freeney, S.L.
1687-1711Hybrid Digital Transmission Systems Part II: Information Rate of Hybrid Coaxial Cable SystemsFreeny, S.L.; Chang, Robert W.
1713-1735The Binary Regenerative ChannelMcCullough, Richard H.
1737-1753Quantizing Noise and Data TransmissionMazo, James E.
1755-1773On the Solutions of Equations for Nonlinear Resistive NetworksWillson, A.N. Jr.
1775-1800Convergence Criteria for Transversal EqualizersLytle, D.W.
1801-1822On Solutions for Two Waves with Periodic CouplingMiller, S.E.
1823-1826Contributors to this Issue 
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