Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i5 May-June 1968

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
605-622The Design of Active Distributed FiltersParkin, Robert E.
623-650Design of Monopulse Antenna Difference Patterns with Low SidelobesBayliss, E.T.
651-722Error-Controlled High Power Linear Amplifiers at VHFSeidel, H.; Beurrier, H.R.; Friedman, A.N.
723-759Effects of Precipitation on Propagation at 0.63, 3.5, and 10.6 MicronsChu, T.S.; Hogg, D.C.
761-765The Stream Guide, a Simple, Low-Loss Optical Guiding MediumKaiser, P.
767-782Pulse Shuttling in a Half-Mile Optical Lens GuideGloge, D.; Steier, W.H.
783-799Linear Beam Position Control in Optical WaveguidesDaly, James C.
801-812Communication of Analog Data from a Gaussian Source Over a Noisy ChannelWyner, A.D.
813-822On Permutation Switching NetworksJoel, A. E. Jr.
823-825Contributors to this Issue 
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