Bell System Technical Journal, v47: i1 January 1968

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-15An Improved Design of Waveguide Band-Rejection FiltersWang, H.C.
17-37Speech Synthesis by Rule: An Acoustic Domain ApproachRabiner, Lawrence
39-71Unified Matrix Theory of Lumped and Distributed Directional CouplersMurray-Lasso, M.A.
73-91A Statistical Analysis of On-Off Patterns in Sixteen ConversationsBrady, Paul T.
93-116Dielectric Loaded and Covered Rectangular Waveguide Phased ArraysGalindo, V.; Wu, C.P.
117-142Surface-Wave Effects on Dielectric Sheathed Phased Arrays of Rectangular WaveguidesWu, C.P.; Galindo, V.
143-157Sequence-State Coding for Digital TransmissionFranaszek, P.A.
159-160Contributors to this Issue 
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