Bell System Technical Journal, v45: i4 April 1966

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
493-522Design Considerations and Proposals for Compatible U.S. Subsidiary CoinageKimber, R.A.; Stokes, R.R.
523-559Bounds on Communication with Polyphase CodingWyner, A.D.
561-596Synchronization Recovery Techniques for Binary Cyclic CodesTong, S.Y.
597-608Increasing the Memory Capacity of the Digital Light Deflector by Color CodingSkinner, J.G.
609-630A Model for the Random Video ProcessFranks, L.E.
631-649Theory of Cascaded Structures: Lossless Transmission LinesKinariwala, B.K.
651-656Electron Phase Contrast Images Of Molecular DetailHeidenreich, R.D.
657-658Contributors to This Issue 
659-660B.S.T.J. Briefs: Multicolor Holographic Image Reconstruction with White-Light IlluminationLin, L.H.; Pennington, K.S.; Stroke, G.W.; Labeyrie, A.E.
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