Bell System Technical Journal, v45: i3 March 1966

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
345-358Digital Computer Simulation of Sampled-Data Communication Systems Using the Block Diagram Compiler: BLODIBGolden, Roger M.
359-395The Capacity of the Band-Limited Gaussian ChannelWyner, A.D.
397-440An Insertion Loss, Phase and Delay Measuring Set for Characterizing Transistors and Two-Port Networks Between 0.25 and 4.2 gcLeed, D.
441-449Computing the Spectrum of a Binary Group CodeBuchner, M.M. Jr.
451-471The Statistical Effects of Random Variations in the Components of a Beam WaveguideSteier, William H.
473-489Signal-Noise Ratio Maximization Using the Pontryagin Maximum PrincipleHoltzman, J.M.
491-492Contributors to this Issue 
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