Bell System Technical Journal, v40: i5 September 1961

Table of Contents
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1239-1257A 150-mc Personal Radio Signaling SystemMitchell, Doren; Van Wynen, K.G.
1259-1280The Effect of Driving Electrode Shape on the Electrical Properties of Piezoelectric CrystalsLewis, J.A.
1281-1307Asymptotic Behavior of General Queues with One ServerBenes, V.E.
1309-1321A Nonlinear Integral Equation from the Theory of ServomechanismsBenes, V.E.
1323-1330The Observed 33 to 90 kmc Attenuation of Two-Inch Improved WaveguideKing, A.P.; Mandeville, G.D.
1331-1348The Effect of Rain and Water Vapor on Sky Noise at Centimeter WavelengthsHogg, D.C.; Semplak, R.A.
1349-1367The Calculations of Metallic Hall Constants: Topological Aspects and Applications to CopperKlauder, John R.
1369-1395The Resistance of Organic Materials to Attack by Marine Bacteria at Low TemperaturesSteinberg, Priscilla L.
1397-1408The Influence of Crystallization Conditions on Radiation Effects in Polyethylene - I. Crystallization from Dilute Solution and from the MeltSalovey, R.; Keller, A.
1409-1419The Influence of Crystallization Conditions on Radiation Effects in Polyethylene - II. Crystallization from Concentrated SolutionsSalovey, R.; Keller, A.
1421-1453Compression, Filtering, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio in a Pulse-Modulated SystemMarcatili, E.A.
1455-1457Contributors to the Issue 
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