Bell System Technical Journal, v40: i4 July 1961

Table of Contents
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975-1028Participation of Bell Telephone Laboratories in Project Echo and Experimental ResultsJakes, William C. Jr.
1029-1039Project Echo: System CalculationsRuthroff, Clyde L.; Jakes, William C. Jr.
1041-1064Project Echo: 960-mc, 10-kw TransmitterSchafer, J.P.; Brandt, R.H.
1065-1094Project Echo: Receiving SystemOhm, E.A.
1095-1116Project Echo: A Horn-Reflector Antenna for Space CommunicationCrawford, A.B.; Hogg, D.C.; Hunt, L.E.
1117-1127Project Echo: The Dual Channel 2390-mc Traveling-Wave MaserDe Grasse, R.W.; Kostelnick, J.J.; Scovil, H.E.D.
1129-1147Project Echo: Standby Receiver SystemKibler, L.U.
1149-1156Project Echo: FM Demodulators with Negative FeedbackRuthroff, Clyde L.
1157-1182Project Echo: Satellite Tracking RadarDe Lange, O.E.
1183-1205Project Echo: 961-mc Lower-Sideband Up-Converter for Satellite-Tracking RadarUenohara, M.; Seidel, H.
1207-1225Project Echo: Antenna Steering SystemKlahne, R.; Norton, J.A.; Githens, J.A.
1227-1233Project Echo: Boresight CamerasWarthman, K.L.
1235-1238Contributors to this Issue 
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