Bell System Technical Journal, v40: i3 May 1961

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649-668Functional Design of a Voice-Switched SpeakerphoneClemency, W.F.; Goodale, W.D. Jr.
669-676A Block Diagram CompilerKelly, John L. Jr.; Lochbaum, Carol; Vyssotsky, V.A.
677-694An Acoustic Compiler for Music and Psychological StimuliMathews, Max V.
695-722Minimum Noise Figure of the Variable-Capacitance AmplifierKurokawa, K.; Uenohara, M.
723-759Design of a High-Resolution Electrostatic Cathode Ray Tube for the Flying Spot StoreCooper, H.G.
761-783Synthesis of Transformerless Active N-Port NetworksSandberg, I.W.
785-793Delays for Last-Come First-Served Service and the Busy PeriodRiordan, John
795-820Stochastic Processes with Balking in the Theory of Telephone TrafficTakacs, Lajos
821-840A New Technique for Increasing the Flexibility of Recursive Least Squares Data SmoothingLevine, N.
841-884A Loss and Phase Set for Measuring Transistor Parameters and Two-Port Networks Between 5 and 250 mcLeed, D.; Kummer, O.
885-919An AC Bridge for Semiconductor Resistivity Measurements Using a Four-Point ProbeLogan, M.A.
921-950Errors in Detection of RF Pulses Embedded in Time Crosstalk, Frequency Crosstalk, and NoiseMarcatili, E.A.
951-970Time and Frequency Crosstalk in Pulse-Modulated SystemsMarcatili, E.A.
971-974Contributors to this Issue 
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