Bell System Technical Journal, v40: i1 January 1961

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-41Proving Theorems by Pattern Recognition - IIWang, Hao
43-63Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty - ISlepian, D.; Pollak, H.O.
65-84Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty - IILandau, H.J.; Pollak, H.O.
85-115Considerations on the Solar CellKleinman, D.A.
117-148The Covariance Function of a Simple Trunk Group, with Applications to Traffic MeasurementBenes, V.E.
149-184Mode-Conversion FiltersMarcatili, E.A.
185-196A Circular-Electric Hybrid Junction and Some Channel-Dropping FiltersMarcatili, E.A.
197-212Band-Splitting FilterMarcatili, E.A.; Bisbee, D.L.
213-232Margin Considerations for an Esaki Diode Resistor OR GateGummel, H.K.; Smits, F.M.
233-254Noncylindrical Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
255-280Normal Modes and Mode Conversion in Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
281-308Error-Correcting Codes for Multiple-Level TransmissionMacWilliams, Jessie
309-328Short-Term Memory in VisionAverbach, E.; Coriell, A.S.
329-347Synthesis of N-Port Active RC NetworksSandberg, I.W.
349-351Contributors to this Issue 
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